Monday, February 9, 2009

Nature trail with Chloe

Yesterday Chloe and I decided to have a day of fun, really all I was trying to do was wear her out so she'd sleep that night, but if we happened to have a ton of fun around my devious plan - what was the harm??

We went to Mickey Ds to play in their indoor playground - didn't take my camera there - I'm not THAT person (ok maybe i am, it was hard to not take itin :). We went to the park, which we discovered had a little nature trail. We took a walk down it, only to truly discover it's really a trail of mud going along a very small stream. We did, however, get REALLY muddy and Chloe thought that was super cool, mom - not so much.

I found I can't really take a picture of a nature trail to save my life, as these were the best shots - something for me to work on, great another project! I also discovered Chloe is starting to get jealous of NOT being in front of the camera, so there are a couple of her thrown in also to appease her - I've created a monster, thank goodness she's cute! :)

Oh and for all of you sitting on the edge of your seats - she went to bed at 6:45pm WOOHOO!! only to wake up at midnight screaming, I think the nature trail was a bit creepy d'oh!

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