Monday, February 16, 2009

Some family fun time at the beach

I don't have a lot of time to update my blog yet, I've taken so many pictures I'm having a hard time sifting through them to post the best ones. I, at least, finally have one of myself thanks to my dear husband. I've had a lot of fun taking pictures of shells, birds, the water, feathers and most of all Chloe. Something about the natural light, not having to worry about my flash and if it's the right tone.. it makes life SO much easier!! I was impressed with a couple of pictures I was able to take at the Aquarium, they aren't fancy, but they were pretty clear for through the glass. Anyway I'll pop a couple up now, but there are definitely more to come as time goes on...

Oh we got to see a chick hatch from it's egg.. I mean one minute it was a whole egg, next minute - BAM Chick! I'll post those later, they are pretty cool :)

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