Monday, February 2, 2009

My first ever blog entry...

Well I'm excited for my first ever blog entry, I'm a little scared, what if I don't live up to all the hype that is blogging? What if my pictures fail to sizzle? What if I'm just not witty enough? What if you all (I use that term loosely ) discover I'm a really, REALLY terrible speller? Well that is bound to happen soon enough.

This blog is dedicated to my passion for photography, and photo editing. I may not be fantastic, but I really enjoy it, and passion is the first step right? Just nod your head for me please?

That beautiful girl up there? That's my 4 year old daughter, she's my reason for getting into the photography game. She's a great subject, and only talks back occasionally, she's a natural.

I like to mess around with photo editing also, not something I've perfected, but it's fun and interesting all in one. I enjoy making pictures come alive, and I really enjoy watching someone else's reaction to me making their own personal pictures pop. It's very fulfilling really.

I'm going to say this is enough of an explination for now, and leave you with a few of my favorite pictures recently... good day!

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