Friday, February 6, 2009


So I'm kind of excited - today I went to the park with my daughter, no big thing right? Well I actually took pictures of things OTHER than my daughter :) Is that a sign that I'm turning into a "real" photographer?? Don't get me wrong - there are still 75 pictures waiting to be edited of my darling baby girl, BUT I edited the other abstract ones FIRST! OK, maybe not super thrilling to everyone, but it's a BIG... GIGANTIC... BARGANTIOUS (OK I made that one up..) step for me :)

Here are a few things I managed to capture. Let me tell you that when it's not moving, well that doesn't always make it easier!


  1. Great pictures! Chloe's going to be pissed that you're not pointing the Camera at her all the time now! hehe

  2. Hi! It's Momaziggy from iVillage. I love your shots. Shooting random everyday things that most people would never think of shooting is my FAVORITE thing to shoot. Love shooting people, but my true RELAXING HAPPY place is random stuff. So I totally get it. When I'm in a photog rut, I just walk and's like meditating or yoga! Lol! GREAT job!